The majority of business owners and marketers use Facebook ads or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising in order to help boost their business’ revenue. In fact, there’s still a lot of confusion regarding the most profitable, paid, marketing channels out there that can help companies grow fast and at a steady pace.

If we are to compare Facebook ads and PPC advertising, it’s easy to see that they are really different and require unique approaches in order to drive results. So before you decide to use any of them, let’s take a closer look below at some of their advantages.

Benefits of Using Facebook Social Ads

One of the main benefits of using Facebook ads is the fact that if you have a niche market, then you can market it a lot better this way. In fact, if you take a closer look at Facebook profiles, you’ll notice that users there load their personal info, including name, age, marital status and other useful information that can then be used in order to create successful online campaigns.

Besides the amazing possibilities for niche targeting, Facebook social ads also make use of CTR like the more established Pay Per Click advertising. This means that if you get a high click through rate from a certain ad, then you’ll pay less money to Facebook.

In fact, Facebook even provides software that allows you to analyze your companies and automatically track its results that you can then use to make your future campaigns that much more effective.

PPC Advertising Benefits

While Facebook social ads are a great way to generate interest around a product or brand, it cannot be compares to PPC ads. This is because people on Facebook aren’t there because they want to purchase something. This means that they’re not actually predisposed to clicking on ads.

On the other hand, when someone uses Google and enters certain keywords in the search box and presses enter, he is definitely looking for something. This means he’s already in the “I want to buy something” mindset and will pay more attention towards the offers he stumbles upon while browsing. While it’s true that with Facebook targeting is very effective, the click through rate is always going to be higher with Pay Per Click advertising (provided it’s managed properly).

In the end, comparing Facebook Ad’s to Google PPC ad’s is like comparing apples to oranges and in an effective marketing campaign both should be considered.