Our Services

Appointments You Can Count On!

Our services are modeled with 4 goals in mind:

More in the Door!

More onto Treatment!

More in Your Pocket!

Less Time Spent by Your Staff!

Our Services

Results You Can Count On

Our comprehensive programs are modeled with one goal in mind: More In The Door.

Want more patients that will pay the fees you want and deserve without more work for your staff?

More qualified patients and higher profits with less time and energy spent is achieved by an external team which will advertise for you, screen, schedule and confirm the potential new patients. Our experienced and expert team will do all your advertising, screen the traffic the ads drive in, check their ability to pay, verify their insurance, and only if they are the quality you require per the qualifications you set, we will then schedule, confirm and make sure they arrive!

New Patients Onto Treatment:

small business success

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Expansion is achieved by a well-coordinated plan that incorporates expert marketing strategies, sales process, product delivery, customer service, and internal structuring. Our team of expert consultants utilizes our unique comprehensive approach to ensure that everything in your business is aligned for maximum expansion.

small business success

Acquiring Qualified New Patients That Don’t Waste Your Or Your Staff’s Time Can Be Daunting.

The Good News Is We Have A Proven System That Works!

Here is how it works:

1. Your Discovery Call

You do a Discovery Call with us so we can both determine if this is something we should pursue. We will describe the entire process and answer any questions on this call. You can click here to schedule your Discovery Call.


2. Free 90 Minute Consultation

If all goes well on the Discovery Call the next step is a free 90 minute consultation where you will decide whether or not to get onto an “In Depth Practice Analysis”.


3. In Depth Practice Analysis

We will examine all your stats and numbers, your staff, your marketing potential, competition in your area and much more. Once done we and you will know what it will take to get the results you desire with a guaranteed ROI.  And then it’s up to you whether or not to get onto our services.

4. We Get You More In The Door

Once on our services our team will advertise for you, screen the prospective new patients, verify insurance, schedule, confirm and ensure they arrive at your practice.

Any questions, regarding the above, will be answered on the Discovery Call.